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Average Rating Number of Votes Name Description Category Installotron Support?
1 pspbeeb BBC Micro emulator Emulator Yes
1 pspcap32 Amstrad CPC emulator Emulator Yes
1 PSPectrum ZX Spectrum emulator Emulator No
1 pspint Intellivision emulator Emulator Yes
1 PSPKick PSP Drum Machine/Sequencer Music No
1 PSPoste email client Wifi, Utility, Office App No
1 PSPosx Shell for 1.5 only Shell No
1 pspsim SamCoupé emulator Emulator Yes
1 PSPTris Tetris clone Puzzle No
1 Quake V2+ GP(2). Quake port First-person Shooter No
1 RIN (GBC) Emulator No
1 Shutdown on LAN This application will allow a PSP user to remotely shutdown a computer on the network by sending a password to a listening program running in the background (sol.exe) Wifi, Utility No
1 Ski4Free Snowboarding version I edited the Ski4free from Montagard. Now you're driving a snowboarder. The Eboot is the same than this from Montagard, I only idited the Pictures No
1 SMS Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator Emulator No
1 So Do We Have a Deal or What? Deal or No Deal game Puzzle No
1 Solitaire (Klondike) Good old Klondike Solitaire Card game No
1 Solitaire Mahjongg Solitaire Mahjongg is a game of strategy, memory and luck. It uses 144 Mah-Jongg tiles, arranged in a pile called "The Dragon". Match the titles in pairs to clear the board and win the game. Puzzle No
1 SuperCobra side-scrolling plane antics of SuperCobra No
1 Syobon Action fullspeed This is an improved version of the SDL version of Syobon Action (also known as Cat Mario or Neko Mario). The original website is at: (if you understand japanese). RPG, Adventure Game No
1 Tweexter A clone of the popular word game Text twist. Puzzle No
1 TyDoPad TyDoPad v0.01 by madruscoe (PMP lover) beta version (testing and improving) | This homebrew allows you to write short notes and save them as .txt on Memory Stick. Only Palm(One) Universal Wireless Keyboard (5 rows) is supported. Press START button to save written text. All notes are stored in file TyDoPad_notes.txt and are separeted by small header (whitch included date and time). For quit press HOME - YES. At this time you arent allowed to view/open/edit written text. Limit for one note is 4 kB. But number of notes is not limited. Runs on fw 1.50/SE/OE. Utility, Office App, IrDA No
1 VICE Commodore 64 emulator Emulator No
1 Virtual Keyboard for PSP (Qwerty) Virtual Keyboard for your PSP Browser Browser No
1 Wordingo Scrabble clone Board Game No
1 XBMC Remote Interface This script provides an alternate interface to the Xbox Media Center. You are able to start films, play music and display pictures. Enter music in to a playlist (and soon videos). View thumbnails (if available) currently playing media and view file information when available artist, track title, album title, genre, year. Movie name and genre. Picture file name. Also shutting down the Xbox is possible The 2nd major function this program provides is to turn the PSP in to a wireless xbox pad (WHILE XBMC IS RUNNING). So You are able to browse the menus of XBMC at your TV without cables, a ugly looking wireless pad or IR remote. Wifi, Utility No
1 XBMCrmi XBMC remote music interface Wifi No
1 yPaint v2 A paint for PSP. Based on original windows paint. Graphics, Utility No
73 SNES9xTYL Best SNES emulator as of yet Emulator Yes
24 AFKIM Instant messenger client Wifi, Utility, Office App Yes
22 DAX ZISO Loader ISO loader that supports compressed ISOs in DAX format. Loader No
32 eLoader Supports some standard homebrew on PSP's running firmware 2.0+ Hacking, Loader No
12 PSPlayerMT Audio/Video Player, Plays: WMV MPG AVI MP3 and lots of other extensions they need to fit into 480x272 to play and can be placed anywhere on your memory stick. Music, Utility, Media Player Yes
11 PSP Radio Stream music and listen to Shoutcast servers Media Player Yes
15 Homer's RIN Gameboy / Gameboy Color emulator Emulator, Media Player No
14 Bookr A nice eBook reader. Book Reader No
13 File Assistant Allows you to manipulate and alter your files on your memory stick from your PSP. Also does basic loading of some file types. Utility, Office App No
19 iR Shell A very good shell, you can even play homebrew and UMD games while listening to music! Well worth a try! Shell, Wifi, Music, Utility, Media Player, Office App, Loader, Browser, IrDA Yes
6 3.03 downgrader 3.03 downgrader Hacking No
11 DJSP Good mp3 player with visualizations and an equalizer Media Player No
16 Daedalus Nintendo 64 emulator Emulator Yes
5 OpenTTD Clone of Transport Tycoon Duluxe on PC, Wilreless Multiplayer. No
5 Supertux No
5 Terra Incognita 3d platform / exploration game Platformer, 3D No
4 Quake by Peter Mackay A port of Quake. Wifi, First-person Shooter No
4 Sudoku Just as good as UMD or newspaper version No
4 Wifi Sniffer Shows a list of local wifi access points Wifi, Hacking, Utility No
11 AOTM (Attack of the Mutants) Attack of the Mutants, "nicely polished space shooter with weapon upgrades and much more" Shoot-em-up, Action Game Yes
12 DevHook ISO Loader, no UMD required. Loader No
6 FileAssistant File browser. Utility No
3 gpsp Gameboy Advance Emulator Emulator No
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