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Average Rating Number of Votes Name Description Category Installotron Support?
2 Frogger Frogger clone by Shakaro No
2 PSP Millionaire "Who wants to be a millionaire" clone. Quiz No
1 1945 Sidescroller fly around and shoot enemies and earn points. Shoot-em-up No
1 2CH Browser test Browser for the Japanese 2CH forum Wifi, Browser No
1 2D Tank Demo In this demo a little tank across the bottom of the screen and shoots bullets with the O button. It's a simple 2d drawing interface consisting of drawLineX, drawLineY, drawCircle, drawRect, fillRect. This is also a example of double buffering. Shoot-em-up No
1 3DClock clock Utility No
1 Air Hockey Bat and Ball No
1 BookRU A text reader for TIFF exploit Utility, Book Reader No
1 Brick-Out an ASCII-based arkanoid homebrew clone, compatible with all firmwares 2.0 - 2.8. The game offers sweet, though occasionally choppy, gameplay, but definitely brings back tears of nostalgia from the good ol' DOS days. No
1 Fire pong pong clone No
1 FlashMod No
1 fMSX for PSP MSX emulator Emulator No
1 FuckTro PSP A nice demo. Demo No
1 Germ 4K Intro Demo No
1 NeoGeo NeoGeo Emulator for PSP Emulator No
1 Peldet Telnet and IRC client Wifi, Utility No
1 Polygon No
1 PSP Sokoban Puzzle No
1 PSPacman Pacman for your PSP! Platformer No
1 PSPemuodd PSP Magnavox Odyssey2/Phillips Videopac 7000 Videogame console emulator Emulator No
1 PSPPDF PDF reader Book Reader Yes
1 Reverzi puzzle Puzzle No
1 Rick Dangerous No
1 Run UMD Run UMD Loader Loader No
1 TIFF Roadrunner ASCII-art canyon-style game Racing, Action Game No
1 TIFF Tron Tron, for the TIFF exploit Action Game No
1 Timer Timer utility Utility No
5 Ghost In The Matrix The aim is controling the ghost (in yellow color) to survive in the matrix. The agents will try to hit you. If you dodge a agent sucessful, you scored. However, there are two kind of agents. The white agents take your health. The green agents heal you but "summon" more agents. To survive, must be take the balance. Action Game No
2 3D Cube Demo A Classic 3d wireframe cube demo written in LUA. Demo No
2 FP PSP Version 2 Flash Games and videos Adventure Game No
2 pspcolem Colecovision emulator Emulator Yes
2 TIFF 3D Cube Demo A demo of 3D capability in the TIFF SDK - a simple spinning cube Graphics, Demo, 3D No
4 Flash Games + Menu Flash Games working with FW 2.70 + a cool menu Utility, Loader No
2 Mega-Mart Battle Corporate America Platformer No
2 TIFF Snakman Snakman for 2.7-2.80 TIFF users Action Game No
1 Blinky's 'Clocks' No
1 Crucenic A Squarez clone No
1 Find that gold you are the pink square (pathetic huh?). SOMEWHERE on the board, there is a gold "square". you move you guy around the board with the d-pad. once you think you are NEAR the gold square, (you can be 50 pixels off) and you press x, either 1 of 2 things will happen: No
1 Kid Paddle : Blork And Destroy Comic shoot game, 1 or 2 players on 1 PSP Shoot-em-up No
1 Mini Games Galore Collection of MiniGames No
1 Portaball for 2.7 breakout for psp 2.7 Bat and Ball No
1 Portable Meditation Engine Portable Meditation engine plays sounds to influence your state of mind Utility No
1 Sonic Battle Arena Online fighting game Beat-em-up, Board Game No
1 Testosterone Table Tennis Pong clone has both a single player and a 2 player mode. As with other Pong style games, in Testosterone Table Tennis player 1 takes control using the D-pad with player 2 using the X and triangle buttons. Bat and Ball No
1 Tokes PS2 Remote remote controller program to control your PS2 with your PSP. IrDA No
1 Wolfenstein 3D Port TheLazy1 has released a quick port of Wolfenstein 3D for the PSP. It's based off the SDL port and using some code from other Nintendo DS port. A few notes: 1) May still be a few bugs ; 2) No sound ; 3) No music ; 4) No saving ; 5) No loading ; 6) The analogue stick is used for movement, even in the menu 3D, Shoot-em-up, Action Game No
1 Atomic PSP Atomix for PSP is here! Full game with 19 levels. You can edit and modify with included Level Editor. Shoot-em-up No
1 Bubble Trouble The gameplay is simple shoot the bouncing balls and collect the leftovers! Shoot-em-up, Action Game No
1 Dark Karnage Shell for all homebrew compatible fw's Shell No
1 Dragon Fighter game demo No
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