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Average Rating Number of Votes  Name Description Category Installotron Support?
1 2.71 SEB irsmp module This is a modified version of the opensource mp3 prx for irshell. It will play mp3 files from ms0:/PSP/MUSIC (if you don't change the config). Music, Media Player No
1 4.01 m33 version 4.01 of m33 Hacking, Utility, Plugin-Custom Firmware No
1 5.50 prometheus This cool app lets you play 6.20 ofw games on 5.50 cfw. Loader No
1 ACE Dictionary Office App No
1 Anime Wars Super Mario War and Anime Wars are basically the same. One of the major difference is that instead of stomping the bejeesus out of enemy Mario characters, you will be fighting against various characters from popular anime programs in Anime Wars. Some of the 36 playable characters include Naruto, Goku, Sakura, Inuyasha, and Rock Lee. Beat-em-up, Action Game No
1 Aozora text reader Utility, Book Reader No
1 Arkanoid Arkanoid clone Bat and Ball No
1 backup backup (previous known as UMDms) is based on code from UMD DAX Dumper, it supports ISO, GZIP & DAX the GUI code and the C++ classes for graphic handerling is written by XArt Software Wifi, Utility No
1 Bruce Lua kxploited lua game Emulator, Beat-em-up No
1 Circles The object of the game is to shoot the targets before they hit all edges of the screen. Shoot-em-up No
1 Counter-Strike Combined Assault a loyal rendering of the PC's Counter-Strike title to the PSP. Shoot-em-up, Action Game, First-person Shooter No
1 CPS1PSP Capcom System 1 Emulator Emulator No
1 Crystallise No
1 CSPSP If you happen to be one of the guys lucky enough to download Nataku92's CSPSP homebrew port of the ever-famous Counter-Strike PC title, then take a gander. Shoot-em-up, Action Game No
1 D_H Calc Pro D_H Calc Pro is a useful Calculator application for the Sony Playstation Portable system. The application was written by DA72K_HA72721S0N. The D_H Calc Pro application has many useful features. It displays your Sony Playstation Portable system firmware version and the battery percentage left on your Sony Playstation Portable system. The The D_H Calc Pro application has been with me and members of PSPCube for a while now. To show my appreciation I included a PSPCube banner and the url address several of times. View More Information At: Utility, Office App, Educational No
1 D_H CALC v0.6 BETA Very useful calculator app. No need for lua player. It includes a lua eboot. This is a bit from my code. This bit of programing allows me to access Flash0 and see what version firmware you running. file ="flash0:/vsh/etc/version.txt","r") flash0 = file:read() file:close() fw = string.sub(flash0,9,12) The like always you will have a screen print listing several words and the string. screen:print(150,142,"FI72MWA72E VE72S10N: "..fw,white) *Please note that its in early stages and I am working on it say all the firmwares even custom. I currently just have it so if the firmware is 3.10 OE-A'. It will say 3.10. This next bit of code I find relay handy. I hate when I am on a homebrew game and I cant see the battery level without pressing the home button. This will state the battery percent without having to quit the game. battery = System.powerGetBatteryLifePercent() / You have to state the object. Like before in order to have the data display you need a screen print. screen:print(1,1,"BATTE72Y LEVEL: " ..battery.. "%",white) One thing that you should notice when using my apps is a folder named D_H FILES. It has a file with all the RBG codes, a file for all the LUA functions, and a backup of the applacation itself. The backup is their if you try to mod and edit the code for learning purposes. If you mess up and save, you can click BACKUP.D_H. You will have to open it up in text editor select all, copy and past into the CODE.D_H file. *Note editing and my program is strictly prohibited unless it is for learning purposes. If you ever want to help out with one of my programs contact me at DA72K_HA72721S0N@PSPCUBE.COM. You may also check out my website __________________ Office App, Educational No
1 DevHook: Screen/Video Capture Module + SVC Player Allow you to capture screenshots and GIF videos in games and the XMB and play them back on the PSP... Utility No
1 Dragon and Weed : Black Ghost OPS demo version (Fr) This is a French demo , but it's will be translate this week end ^^ Our site is : Demo, Shoot-em-up, Action Game No
1 Electris puzzle game, the player's objective is to align the falling blocks to create closed circuits Puzzle No
1 EReader book reader/comic viewer with chm, mp3 and zip support, made by aeolusc Book Reader No
1 FakeUpdater An utility based on PSAR DUMPER, to dump an update EBOOT to the memory stick. Utility No
1 FlatEditPSP FlatEditPSP is a fully functional text editor with all the functions that notepad has plus extras as well as an easy to use interface with the ability to edit files quickly, although typing is still a bit slow due to the lack of a keyboard. Utility, Office App, Browser No
1 Foobar2000 This homebrew application allows users to control the PC-based Foobar2000 media player by using their PSP's WiFi connection. Wifi, Music, Utility, Media Player No
1 Furikup Furikup is a SIP phone for the PSP, allowing you to make and receive telephone calls if you have access to a wireless access point, and an account with a suitable SIP service provider (most are free to register, and many offer free calls of some sort). Wifi, Utility No
1 HtmlFlashPortal A fun Flash Portal Made By Jesus Escobar Wifi, Browser No
1 HtmlViewMod this is a very simple mod of the file htmlviewer.fbm Wifi, Hacking, Utility, Office App No
1 HuE PC Engine / Turbo Grafx 16 emulator. Runs fast with great sound. Highly compatible. Emulator No
1 ISO_TOOL A very useful tool for converting between ISO, CSO, and UMD media on the PSP. Selectable compression level Selectable threshold selectable bitrate countless other tools and utilities. VERY easy to use. I cannot find a more up to date version than this, but I assume one exists; however this woks totally fine. Hacking, Utility, Browser No
1 Jazz Jackrabbit No
1 Jooleem psp Puzzle game. Board Game, Puzzle No
1 KeyCleaner this new app displays the current state of a TA-082/86 model PSP's IdStorage as well as dumps the keys currently in the IdStorage. It can also detect commonly known problems that happen due to old downgraders and can provide some suitable solutions and corrections according to the problem identified. This app can brick, you have been warned. Hacking, Utility No
1 Links2 browser PSPRadio Plugin web browser Wifi, Browser, Plugin-PSPRadio No
1 Links2 Standalone Web Browser A unique web browser Browser No
1 Lulines game No
1 MAMEPSP MAME emualtor.Plays 30 old school games at full speed. Emulator No
1 MinerPSP Miner VGA clone Adventure Game No
1 MPH Firmware Launcher Allows you to launch a firmware dump off of the memory stick, Loader No
1 Mug Hunt Mug Hunt is a modified version of Duck Hunt, instead of ducks you must shoot Mosquitos ! Also clay shooting and a Gore mode. Shoot-em-up, Action Game No
1 My mod of the ctorrentpsp - CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA-v1.5 I make a mod of the "ctorrentpsp by danzel": CTorrent-DNH-PSP-DA-v1.5 Office App No
1 NesterJ w/ Devhook for 3.03 HEN This is an emulator that works with ver 2.71 but found works with 3.03 HEN. it works perfectly. Emulator No
1 Oblivion Vista Portal Same as the old one but now only takes 2 mins to download instead of about 30.Give it a go Shell, Wifi, Utility, Office App, Browser No
1 OOTS_HOOK The New Way To Get To Recovery Mode Hacking No
1 Ozone Ozone is a mix of an action game and a puzzle game where you have to find all the blue gems in labyrinth-style levels without losing your air. You drive a bouncing ball filled with air. The mission is to find all the blue gems in each level and then proceed to the exit. The levels are full of items, enemies, traps, etc. You can refill the ball with air pumps and green gems. You can also fire to the enemies if you collect yellow and red gems. If you run out of air, you die. The controls are explained inside the game. Donít forget using the brake button (square) to precise control the ball. 3D, Puzzle, Action Game No
1 Pandoras ROBOT orignally called, Pandoras EXE installer. This is the Final BETA (first public) of the BOT program that AUTOMATICLY installs Pandoras Battery. in WAY under 5 min!!! (Depending on size of Memory Stick) Programed BY: BOB.EXE in a FUSION of basic+DOS Hacking, Utility, Office App No
1 PCEP (PC Engine) Emulator No
1 PCEP (PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16) Osakana has released v0.7 of the PCEP PC Engine (Turbo Grafx 16 in the US) Emulator for PSP. It now has support for 2-disc ROMs like Street Fighter 2. Supports TG-16/PCE Emulator No
1 PiMPStreamer for 2.x wireless streaming of PMP video to PSP Wifi, Media Player No
1 ProgramLua / Program Lua tutorials for programming in LUA to read on your psp Demo, Platformer, Hacking, Utility, Office App, Educational No
1 PSP Filer No
1 PSP Flash X Word This latest version allows players to add/edit their own crossword clues using wordpad, notepad and other text editor on PC or any other OS. Shallan hopes enough people will participate in making, sharing and combining clues to achieve a massive database. Puzzle, Quiz No
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