PSP PDA version v1.2

Notes: PSP-PDA is a PDA program with a notepad, music player, image viewer, address book, calendar, calculator, and clock. Here are the changes to this version: Added: Music Playlist, right trigger switches between file manager and playlist. Added: P-Sprint keyboard emulator by Arwin Added: Stopwatch and Timer Added: Goto Month in Calendar Added: View Week and Month Events in Calendar Added: Theme support including theme by Pochi Added: Additional icons by Cancan Modified: Keyboard input now wraps around Modified: File->Save now also manually saves Address book and Calendar Fixed: Notepad carriage return bug Fixed: Calendar event bug
Genre: App
Author: Rob_PSP
Version Number: v1.2
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Number of Downloads: 36899
Entered By: RaiderX
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Installotron Support?: No

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