FontHack Installer by Skylark version 0.93

Notes: File Description Freeplay and Skylark have released version 0.93 of their "FontHacker" program. This PC program enables users to manage and/or install the font hack, configure font options (shape, shadow, shadow position), conversion of TrueType fonts to a usable format for the PSP and can generate all 16 types of the font files. This release will aid many of those who struggled with the font hack in the past and will allow for many users to convert their own files without hassle. We have seen many users create "font packs" for those who were unfortunate to work on their own fonts themselves, but with this program, it is now easy for everyone! For once, 1.50 users may have to suffer somewhat, even though we have the full PSP access. It has been noted that 1.50 users may have to reset their PSP system settings in order for the font hack to work. This reminds me a lot of PSPersonalize in which users had to mess around with their PSP's a few times in order for the background to show. This is a great PC program that all should download, even if you think you are never going to use it! Think of this as a part of a rare PSP hombrew collection, it is a must have!
Genre: App
Version Number: 0.93
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-11-25
Number of Downloads: 2705
Entered By: rc_square24
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Installotron Support?: No

Compatibility Reports:

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Works? eLoader Loader Type Firmware Notes  Reported On Reported By Verified On Verified By Disputed?
Yes None None 3.10 OE wwsean08
Yes None KXploit 3.03 OE OE-B, just select that it's a 1.5 PSP wwsean08 BamBam
(total: 2 entries)

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