PSP Dungeons 3D version v0.7

Notes: - new map format - ingame music - weapon damage / enemy life can be changed - level selection in the main menu - renders more texturecolors than the last versions (the engine can now convert to pixelformat 4444, 5650, 5551 and 8888) - textures not loaded into vram are rendered much faster than in previous versions - mipmaps can be switched on/off per maptexture - now possible to install several mods parallel on the PSP (Dungeons folder name can be changed) - new level - Mac OS X port
Genre: Game
Author: Charnold
Version Number: v0.7
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-12-29
Number of Downloads: 18399
Entered By: charnold
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Last Modification Type: edit
Installotron Support?: Yes

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