SnakeSP version 7.1

Notes: * Added proper suspend/resume code. app should behave nicely now for those who said it crashed on resume from standby mode. Please test this. * Food spawns much faster now, almost immediately after consuming the last item. * Tweaked the appearance rate of food items, red slowdowns should show up more now. * Snake grows/shrinks very quickly now. Be careful where the tail is when you eat a yellow/blue item * Added a counter to the scoreboard that shows how many segments have been accumulated over time..this is part of the scoring system. * Enhanced the water effect, decreased the dampening some to make the waves more pronounced. The ring effects you saw before are now replaced by drops in the water field * Replaced the default music loop with something not so fast. This is a bigger file tho, so there will be a pause at game startup * The music loop MUST be less that 16777215 bytes. This is a limit in the playback system, the current one is just a little over 14 mb.
Genre: Game
Author: MrMr[iCE]
Version Number: 7.1
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-01-11
Number of Downloads: 9760
Entered By: Fanjita
Entered On:
Last Modification:
Last Modification Type: edit
Installotron Support?: Yes

Compatibility Reports:

(total: 4 entries)
Works? eLoader Loader Type Firmware Notes Reported On Reported By Verified On Verified By Disputed?
Yes 0.995 TIFF 2.80 Fanjita Pandemonium
Yes None KXploit 1.5 Fanjita
Yes None KXploit 3.03 OE Works slick, just toss in GAME150 shadus Bloodsport12
Yes 0.995 xLoader 2.80 Works great :-) Pandemonium
(total: 4 entries)

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