Flash Agent version revision D

Notes: flashing gets a lot easier now that hallo007 has added information text * Pspdebugscreenprintf changed to printextscreen (not yet completed in filebrowser) * Main menu added * no hardboot anymore needed , you can exit everywhere * text bug fix(dam english:P) * backup files extracted out eboot will now be deleted after use * coldboot flashen * custom backgrounds flashen * recovery menu update(coldboot+custom backgrounds) * battery check bug fix ,now battery has to be 50% * If ac adaptor has plugged in the app wil always start(also without battery) * Information Text added * layout update * Eboot layout (music , images)
Genre: App
Author: hallo007
Version Number: revision D
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-01-14
Number of Downloads: 1048
Entered By: wwsean08
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Last Modification Type: edit
Installotron Support?: No

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