G-Pack version 2

Notes: ---Changes--- -Made this version a shell, which was intended for v.3 -Changed eboot to a custom one to play Mp3s -The code was optimized, made more organized, and cleaned -Removed ButtonTester (developed by SuperbatXS) -Removed all apps developed by Xandu (because of his desire) -It is now possible for you to add a lua game/app of your desire to the G-Pack -G-Pack contains 8 new games: 1) Be Thou for the People BETA- developed by SG57 an amazing game based off of Fullmetal Alchemist; intense gfx and amazing gameplay with a beautiful menu. Note: This game is still in; Beta and is not a full release,little gameplay 2) Chase that Pyramid 3D- developed by TacticalPinguin 3) Defend your PSP- developed by TacticalPinguin 4) Hedgehog Apocalypse- developed by the Dev Team Hazedmirror; Not developed by PSPLua 5) PvP Pong v4- developed by Blackshark; this game HAS been updated from v3; new features include new gfx, more options, and ONLINE! 6) Space Invaders Portable- developed by TacticalPinguin 7) TTR v1.0- developed by Freshmilk 8) Drag-Star demo-made by savagefreak; not real game (only menu and loading screens) ---Shell by TacticalPenguin--- ---Features--- -MP3 player (put mp3 files in PSP/MUSIC/ folder to play) -Image Viewer (put Images in PSP/PHOTO/ folder in .jpg or .png smaller than 512x512 to view) -Game loader (put lua games/apps in Games folder of Lua G-Pack v.2 to play) -Battery info viewer -Clock -USB Notes: -You may play MP3's while playing a game or viewing images. -Mp3 may (probably WILL) get skippy when playing games due to cpu usage -If it crashes (comes up with an error) press start to restart the shell -Mp3 may skip when opening/closing menus -Names of pictures, games, and songs longer than 12 characters will not display the full name -Only can play/view the first 21 photos/games/music because menus do not have scrolling
Genre: App
Author: Superbatxs
Version Number: 2
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-01-17
Number of Downloads: 2218
Entered By: wwsean08
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Installotron Support?: No

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Yes None None 3.10 OE wwsean08
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