Flash Agent version E

Notes: * Fixed info dump menu. * Added firmware hacks menu. * Debranded gameboot. * Redirect gameboot path. * Recover gameboot functions. * Added online manual hacks menu. * Change site to psp-media.nl or pspupdates.com or pspupdates.com/pda or. * Battery needs to be 20% now (instead of 50). * If you are in menu and battery gets under 20% without adopter you will exit. * Battery level will change now. * Added information about files (beta , nothing special at the moment). * Fixed display (no flipping anymore). * (bug fixed)you can now change your option (flash or go back). * If memory stick gets full while dumping you will exit.
Genre: App
Author: hallo007
Version Number: E
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-02-05
Number of Downloads: 1312
Entered By: wwsean08
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Last Modification Type: add
Installotron Support?: No

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