PSPRadio version 1.1.1271

Notes: Changelog for PSPRadio v1.1.1271: * Core+UI Plugins: Added Skin selection support to PSPRadio (finally). This can be accessed via the Options menu (skin option). -Optimized. * Plugins: Added a version check system. From now on, plugins will only work if designed for the same interface version of PSPRadio (in this case 1.1). * Plugins: Plugin unloading work-around implemented. Root cause still under investigation. This means plugins can now be loaded/unloaded, switching between user interfaces works, etc. * Core: Added skins made by Albatross. Thanks, Alba! As great as these additions and changes, the PSPRadio still has some problems. We listed below all the known issues so don't be surprised if you encounter some of them. also, Raf mentioned that should the plugin stop, all you have to do is press "L+R+START" and that will take you back to PSPRadio. Known bugs for PSPRadio v1.1.1271: * Core: USB is not working, menu option removed for now (With AhMan's help this will hopefully be working again on the next version) * Core: Static IP connections don't work correctly. Seems the gateway is not used as it should. * Core: Module unloading doesn't free up all memory correctly. Even though plugins can now be loaded/unloaded, the PSP can eventually crash as it runs out of memory (after loading/unloading enough times; even though I switched back and forth between the text and 3d UIs over 20 times, and everything worked fine.)
Genre: App
Author: Raf
Version Number: 1.1.1271
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-02-12
Number of Downloads: 1556
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