DevHook version .52.000

Notes: It's now Boosters time to shine in the festive holiday hacking season with a new build of Devhook! From what we can see there are several changes and v3.03 firmware is definitely supported! Enjoy As always dcemu is only interested in the fw emulation side NO ISO talk... Obtain a dump using the new dumping toool for 3.03 posted earlier this week... As far as i know any running 302 OE-b need not worry as psx game support should be pretty much on par (if not better on custom fw) with 303..
Genre: App
Author: Booster
Version Number: .52.000
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-02-24
Number of Downloads: 7055
Entered By: wwsean08
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Last Modification Type: edit
Installotron Support?: No

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