PSPRadio version 1.15.1283

Notes: New Features: * (raf) Core: Added AUTOSTART option under USB, instead of it being its own option, and using up screenspace. * (raf) Core: Better Suspend/Resume support. * (raf) Core: Added Tell/Seek functions to the streams/decoding. Added support to resume to continue playing where it was before it went into suspend mode (localfiles). * (raf) Core: Buttons can now be mapped. Look at PSPRadio.cfg for details. Changed the default mappings. SQUARE=CANCEL now. L+R cycle screens. (Button combinations are now also allowed). * (raf) Core/Plugin/Version: Changed the interface to .15. Working on a revamped interface. (will be .2). TextUI uses the button mapping to remap buttons if the skin is configured to do so (look at SHOUTcastScreen.cfg for an example). Bug Fixes: * (raf) Core: USB is now working again, thanks to AhMan's for the help. Known Bugs: * (raf) Core: Static IP connections don't work correctly. Seems the gateway is not used as it should. * (raf) Core: Module unloading doesn't free up all memory correctly. Even though plugins can now be loaded/unloaded, the PSP can eventually crash as it runs out of memory (after loading/unloading enough times; even though I switched back and forth between the text and 3d UIs over 20 times, and everything worked fine).
Genre: App
Author: Raf
Version Number: 1.15.1283
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-02-26
Number of Downloads: 2077
Entered By: wwsean08
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Installotron Support?: No

Compatibility Reports:

(total: 3 entries)
Works? eLoader Loader Type Firmware Notes Reported On Reported By Verified On Verified By Disputed?
Yes None None 3.03 OE OE-C, put in GAME303 b_simpson1999
Yes None None 3.10 OE Is working, and have yet to have any problems with it. lennysh
Yes None HEN 3.03 Pressing start sometime will go to options then 1 second later back out again, and some of the theme backgoun d could do with a change snice the button have been changed, but apart from that works well b_simpson1999 lennysh
(total: 3 entries)

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