Vertex 3D Car version Demo Beta

Notes: Here are MikeMax's directions for installing the demo and the commands for driving the car and manipulating the camera: Simply unpack the zip archive to your MSROOT (FW1.50) (will unpack into /PSP/GAME automatically). For 3.xxOE, next, move the Vertex Origin directories into /PSP/GAME150 (only if your OE kernel configured to 3.XX). Commands: o Cross: Accelerate o Square: Breaks o Digital Pad: LEFT/RIGHT to turn, DOWN for reverse. o Analog Pad: Move camera o Circle: Display wireframes o SELECT: Switch between two camera modes : "Free" mode and "follows car" mode. o L/R: Zoom
Genre: Demo
Author: MikeMax
Version Number: Demo Beta
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-04-07
Number of Downloads: 1520
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