Mario Don't Drop The PSP version 3.5

Notes: Mario comes back to save a platform other than his own in v3.5 of Mario Don't Drop The PSP (or else...). v3.5 differs from the last version only in that DreaDNoughT and Kid101skater tossed in a new "Speed Boost" feature, activated by Square, for Mario to run after hard-to-reach PSPs on the other side of the widescreen. Also tossed in for good measure is that Mario is now (kinda) animated. That Boost bar is highly limited; every level-up, you gain 1/4th of the bar back. Still no enemies coming out from the side, as someone once suggested, but running after a falling PSP is hard work enough at the higher levels. Trust us: after a 9-to-5 of catching falling PSPs, dodging Flying Wiimotes of Doom (TM), and scooping crayons off our backsides, the only thing left on our mids is trying to get home breathing. Thanks for dropping the tip, joshrulez2!
Genre: Game
Author: DreaDNoughT
Version Number: 3.5
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-04-01
Number of Downloads: 1724
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