PSPComic version .9.7 beta

Notes: * [Feature] Configuration file is now XML * [Feature] New manga mode, which makes comics start from the right instead of from the left * [Feature] Menu now shows current state of toggable items * [Feature] New battery meter shows remaining battery percentage in the menu. If the text is red, the battery is low. If it is yellow, the power is plugged in. * [Feature] The clock frequency menu now allows any value between 20 MHz and 333 MHz to be selected * [Feature] Bookmarks have been added. For more information, please see the menu options section * [Feature] 8-bit images now support re-sampling * [Bugfix] Fixed scrolling bug, which made the program stop scrolling after some time with the D-Pad * [Bugfix] Removing an open RAR or CBR file while the program is using that file will no longer cause a crash when the page is changed. * Sped up re-sampling * And many more minor changes
Genre: App
Author: Archaemic
Version Number: .9.7 beta
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-05-06
Number of Downloads: 3080
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