D_H Calc Pro version 2

Notes: To install read the directions below. Installation 1) Extract the files from D_H CALC.rar. 2) View the destination of extraction. 3) Inside the destination you should see two folders %__SCE__DA72K_HA72721S0N CALC and __SCE__DA72K_HA72721S0N CALC. 4) Enable USB on your Sony Playstation Portable system. 5) Open to the root of your memory stick of the Sony Playstation Portable system 6) Click the psp folder. 7) Click the game folder. 8) Go back to extracted destination. 9) Copy the folders __SCE__DA72K_HA72721S0N CALC and __SCE__DA72K_HA72721S0N CALC into the Game folder the Sony Playstation Portable system memory stick. 10) End the Sony Playstation Portable system USB mode. 11) In the XMB(main the Sony Playstation Portable screen) go to the game section. 12) Click the D_H Icon and that will launch D_H Calc Pro for theSony Playstation Portable system.
Genre: App
Version Number: 2
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-06-26
Number of Downloads: 1816
Entered By: DA72K_HA72721S0N
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