PSN License Manager version 0.20

Notes: Backup your PSN license. Restore your PSN license. Delete the backup license on the memory stick. Toggle USB Mass Storage. Up to 30 PSP support. Power checks have been put in place so PSPs don't accidentally shut down while using the program. Licenses can only be used on ONE PSP that has bought the games. TESTED ON 5.00M33-6 LEDA Installed. For PSP-100X, 1.50 kernel installation is fine too. Custom flashed themes may interfere with this program as it loads resources from flash. Please use CTF themes or uninstall your Flashed themes.
Genre: App
Version Number: 0.20
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-04-19
Number of Downloads: 1038
Entered By: arnold
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Last Modification Type: add
Installotron Support?: No

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