AFKIM version 2

Notes: New features/fixes in version 2 include: - New graphics, completely new style. - New keyboard (danzeff, see danzeff.txt for usage information). - You can rename contacts. - Less crashes! - Works on the new eLoader! - Contact list scrolls automatically. - New MSG popup. - When logging into Wifi/Bitlbee, there is more feedback.
Genre: App
Author: Danzel
Version Number: 2
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-04-10
Number of Downloads: 22107
Entered By: Fanjita
Entered On:
Last Modification:
Last Modification Type: edit
Installotron Support?: Yes

Compatibility Reports:

(total: 15 entries)
Works? eLoader Loader Type Firmware Notes Reported On Reported By Verified On Verified By Disputed?
Yes 0.97 TIFF 2.00 elplasmo darren11
Yes 0.98 TIFF 2.60 Works great other than crash on close. Thnx for the great app. jjam
No 0.99 TIFF 2.60 Black screen, but no crash cswindle TomuchPercussion
No 0.99 TIFF 2.71 black screen, l+r+start still works though. nicko01
Yes 0.995 TIFF 2.80 Works. Was able to get on AIM and chat with people, at the very least. FreePlay AshTR
No 0.995 TIFF 2.70 hangs at black screen Fanjita
Yes 0.995 TIFF 2.00 Fanjita
Yes 0.97 GTA 2.01 Skunk cooldocy795
Yes 0.97 GTA 2.60 Crashes on close in 2.60 IMReader TomuchPercussion
Yes 0.97 GTA 2.50 Skunk B4tm4n
Yes 0.99 GTA 2.60 cswindle
Yes None None 3.03 OE i don't know what 3.03 OE would be considered but it works wwsean08 shadus
Yes None None 3.10 OE wwsean08 AshTR
Yes None KXploit 1.5 Works beautifully. qxz86 Derby
No 0.995 xLoader 2.80 On first run, flashed the "missing NID" red screen, then froze. Subsequent runs, simply reboots the PSP - no error, no output log, etc. FreePlay AshTR
(total: 15 entries)

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