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This site aims to be a definitive database of all PSP homebrew. It's a collaborative community effort, meaning that you are encouraged to get involved, and help to keep it up-to-date.

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Site News

HEN support added

The database now allows you to add test results for homebrew using the Homebrew ENabler (HEN) loaders, and also search for HEN-compatible homebrew.

When adding compatibility reports, please set 'Loader Type' to HEN, 'Firmware' to the appropriate firmware, and 'eLoader' to None.

Hopefully this will be of some use to those people who haven't quite plucked up the courage to downgrade yet.

Improved Navigation

We've revamped the site navigation structure, hopefully it now looks nicer and is easier to get around.

The bulk of the changes are in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, divided more logically into types of actions, with quick-access drop-down menus for most browsers.

Best results will be seen with Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 2.0, Opera 9.0 or later. The PSP layout is also improved.

We've also removed the ads for logged-in users, which makes the interface cleaner.

Finally, we've added support for Dark Alex's custom firmwares - v2.71 SE, v3.02 OE and v3.03 OE.

New Homebrew FAQ

We're proud to present a new Frequently Asked Questions section for this site, intended to help to ease the confusing process of getting started with homebrew for newcomers to the scene.

You can reach the new FAQ section via the 'FAQs' link in the site header. It's still under construction, but a basic glossary and homebrew primer are already present. Please let us know if you have any ideas for other FAQs and topics that should be included.

Alternative Display Format

We've introduced a new display format, as part of trying to improve the presentation and usability of the site. So far it's still quite ugly, but the underlying system is in place now to allow us to make it more pretty.

You can see the new display system on most of the queries that return a list of homebrew, such as 'All Homebrew' or 'Search'. (You might have to force your browser to fully refresh the page (usually Ctrl-F5), otherwise the cached style sheet may mess up the display). If you have any opinions on it, feel free to let us know.

Auto login

We added an auto-login feature, which lets you avoid the annoying "your session has timed out" errors. You can set it by checking the box when you next login. Because this stores your password in a cookie, you should avoid using it on shared computers.

We also improved the data to store a timestamp for when new homebrew was entered into the database - this will hopefully remove the problem of homebrew disappearing from the "newest homebrew" statistics when the data in the entry is edited, or new compatibility reports added.

Finally, thanks to all those who have submitted Installotron-ready packages for the database, especially Freeplay and Seventoes. This really helps to improve the number of packages available via Installotron for other users, and means that we can concentrate more on improving the features and usability.

Server Troubles Again!

The release of the new eLoader unfortunately exposed the server to more load than it has seen before, and this uncovered a few problems with its configuration, which took hours to sort out.

So, if you've seen connection problems over the past 24 hours or so, hopefully these are now at an end. Please let us know if you see any serious slowdown in the future...

Thanks again for your patience during these outages.

New Server

We've just moved PSP-Homebrew to a new server, which will hopefully be faster and more reliable. For the first day or so, there may be some teething troubles though - so if you have any problems, please let us know at admin@psp-homebrew.eu.

Thanks for your patience!

Hosting Problems Now Resolved

The database should now be fully working again. Please let us know if you see any further problems. Thanks for your patience.

Hosting Problems

We're experiencing problems with the hosting service, that are interfering with the correct operation of the database. We're putting in place whatever workarounds we're able to do until the service is fixed, but in the meantime you will probably experience some problems using the database - most likely, when trying to alter the data.

We hope you can bear with us until this is fixed. Thank you.

Install-o-tron - a New Way to Install Homebrew

We released the Install-o-tron yesterday, a new and easier way to install homebrew on your PSP. Install-o-tron runs directly on your PSP, and uses the Homebrew Database to retrieve a menu of top homebrew that will work on your firmware. You select whatever takes your fancy, and then Install-o-tron downloads and automatically installs it for you, appropriately for your current firmware.

What's more, Install-o-tron can automatically update itself whenever a new version is available - so it could be the last homebrew you ever have to manually install.

There are lots of plans for the future, especially massively increasing the selection of compatible homebrew, and lots of exciting features - perhaps anti-bricker scanning, and even closer integration with the Homebrew Database.

You can download it from the database entry here. Incidentally, it's also been entered into the PSP3D Homebrew Contest - so if you like it, please consider dropping by to vote for it.

Streamlined homebrew entry

Following user feedback, we've started to add some changes to the homebrew entry process. You should find it much easier to add new homebrew data now, using the 'add' button on the main 'All Homebrew' page, or on each individual homebrew name page.

New Support for TIFF SDK games

The database has been updated to support the growing number of games written using the TIFF SDK, for firmwares 2.00 - 2.80.

New Support for eLoader 0.9.8

Now that the new version of eLoader has been released, PSP-Homebrew has been enhanced to allow you to report and view compatibility with the new eLoader.

You may have noticed a brief outage earlier today, apparently there was a glitch at the hosting company, and not a problem with the bills (as some people have suggested!). That's our first, and hopefully last, ever outage.

Fix to the Firmware page

The firmware page had a bug, where it forgot your settings when clicking to view page 2 or later. We've just fixed that bug, please let us know if you still see problems with it (and thanks to everyone who pointed out the bug!).

A few minor tweaks

We've been hard at work again, this time mostly improving consistency and usability of some of the tables.

The major thing you'll notice is more information in the homebrew lists, including ratings and author information all in the main table.

We've also added the ability to specify the author when adding a new piece of homebrew, or a new version of an existing entry, which should make data entry a little easier.

More new features

A batch of usability improvements:

Paged Results

Almost all tables now present paged results automatically if there are lots of rows. This means that responsiveness should be much faster, and dial-up users should find that the system is much more usable. You can adjust your preference for the number of rows per page in the 'My Settings' page.

Sortable Tables

Almost all tables now allow you to sort on the various columns, by clicking the header at the top of the column. Click the header twice to reverse the sort order. The sort orders are cumulative within each table - so, if you clicked to sort by Homebrew Version Number, for instance, then clicked to sort by Homebrew Name, then the sort order will remember that if there are some Names that are identical, it can sort them by Version Number, etc.

Screenshot support

You can now add screenshots for your favourite homebrew. Just bring up the details for a particular version of any given homebrew, and if you have edit permissions you can add a link to a screenshot.

More statistics

The statistics page now tells you who is currently actively logged in, and there have been some enhancements to the login session handling logic.

Improved PSP Display

The database should now be completely usable on a PSP, with various enhancements to the layout to make it PSP-friendly.

New features!

We've been busy...

Moderator Edit Requests

For cases where you spot an error or a problem in the database, but you don't have the option to edit the data yourself, we've added a 'Request Mod Edit' button. With this you can let us know about any mistakes or inaccuracies that should be fixed, and we'll fix them as soon as we can if we agree with you.

AOL now fixed?

We've made a fix that hopefully will fix the access problems that AOL users have been having. If you've been unable to log in before, please let us know if the problems are still occurring.

Author Requests

We're trying to work through the backlog of people's requests to be recognised as a particular homebrew author. To help us out, we've added a 'Delete Request' link to your 'My Settings' page - please use this to delete your author request if you're not actually a homebrew author.

In the meantime, we're working through the list of requests, and processing them as fast as we can, but there are hundreds.

More Statistics

Lots more stats have been added to the statistics page.

Search by homebrew type

You can now search by homebrew type (LUA/Flash/EBOOT) on the search page.

Download Counts

The database now tracks how many times each download link is accessed, so you can get a picture of how popular particular downloads are.

New rating system

We've enhanced the favourites system a little, to allow more flexibility in voting. Instead of voting for a simple 'this is a favourite of mine', you can now rate every homebrew title from 1 to 5 stars. This should hopefully make it easier to see what is bad, as well as what is good.

Existing favourite votes have been converted to a rating - but you can easily edit your ratings if you want to.

  • This site news system has been revamped, now it will be easier to see if anything has changed since you last logged in.
  • All times are now shown in your local timezone.
  • Although it's not new, some people haven't yet discovered this page, that lets you see what works on your PSP version.
New features today!
  • The much-requested 'show homebrew for my PSP version' feature is now in - you can find it on the search page, called 'Search by PSP platform'.
  • The permissions model has been improved, from now on anyone will be able to edit data that they themselves have entered.

We've currently got some problems with AOL - for some reason, most AOL users seem to get an error message 'your session has timed out - please log in again'. We thought we'd put in place a workaround for this, but it didn't work. Please bear with us while we try to fix it, it may take a few days. In the meantime, it's possible that the problem is that your browser is not accepting cookies - if you're able to try with cookies enabled, and find that it helps, then please let us know at admin@psp-homebrew.eu.

Also, if you are a Yahoo user, please bear in mind that by default Yahoo files email from PSP-Homebrew.eu as spam. I presume that there's something you can do to add 'admin@psp-homebrew.eu' to a whitelist of permitted recipients, so it's probably worth doing that if you want to be sure to receive any future notifications.

A flying start!

Wow, just up for 2 days so far, and already there are over 3500 users. Thanks to everyone for your support. Here are a few notes about recent updates, site status and plans for the future.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that there's now a new Search link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. This gives you a number of different ways to search for homebrew. We've also been working on the user management tools, which will make it easier for us to catch up with the long list of author requests. It also makes it easier for us to fix login problems. If you are waiting for a login problem, or an author request, to be resolved, please bear with us - it will take a little while to clear the backlog.

You can help us out here, by the way - if you've got a 'Pending author request' in your 'My Settings' page, but you've never actually written any homebrew, then please change it to '[Unknown]' or just blank. The author links are only for confirmed homebrew authors, and having too many people in the system listed as authors will just make it harder to enter data. Thanks.

The most popular feature request so far has been the ability to display homebrew based on what works on your PSP. That feature has always been planned, although it might take a little time before it's ready. In the meantime, you can always look at the particular homebrew and version that you're interested in, and seeing if it has been tested on your PSP version yet. We're also planning to add paged result lists for some of the larger tables, to help those people on dialup internet.

Thanks for all the great data that you've all been entering so far, it's looking great. Major props especially to Skunk, starchox, CHAOS, B4tm4n and mraellis for their massive efforts. One thing that I will ask, though - when adding an entry, some people enter 'it works on PSP firmware version X and Y, but not Z' in the notes field. Instead of doing that, it would be better to enter new compatibility reports, stating which versions you think work.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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