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Average Rating Number of Votes Name Description Category Installotron Support?
17 PSP Revolution Dance-Dance Revolution clone Dancemat Yes
16 ScummVM LucasArts point-and-click adventure game emulator Emulator, Adventure Game Yes
11 LUAPlayer Reads lua scripts Shell Yes
11 NesterJ NES emulator Emulator Yes
8 PSPool Port of 'Another Pool' by Gerrit Jahn. Puzzle Yes
7 KETM PSP adoptation of KETM (studio-grey/badblocks), fast paced tyrian style 2D shooter. Featuring - 4 levels with different environments, music & bosses - 1 bonus level - 15 enemies with unique attack patterns and adjusting hostility - 7 primary weapons - 4 secondary weapons (rockets, laser, bomb, rotating shield) - 2 mods: Shoot-em-up, Action Game Yes
7 NeoCDPSP Neo Geo CD emulator Emulator No
7 NeoGeo CDZ Neo Geo CD emulator Emulator No
7 Trigonometry Wars A PSP clone of Xbox game Geometry Wars . with sound 3D, Action Game Yes
6 PiMPstreamer It is a realtime video/audio streamer from your PC to your PSP (Playstation Portable). Any format/size avi/mpeg/wmv/etc can be streamed without any delay. Wifi, Media Player No
6 Squarez A classic homebrew game. Dodge the other squares to collect points, then collect powerup squares to destroy the other squares. Action Game Yes
5 PSPGenesis Sega Genesis emulator Emulator Yes
5 Throttle-X 3D stunt driving puzzle game Racing, 3D, Puzzle No
4 Downdater Final for 2.50/2.60 Downgrader for 2.50 and 2.60 No
4 MAP THIS! GPS Reciever/Map Graphics, Hacking, Utility, Office App No
4 MPH Game Loader Load 2.0 firmware required games on 1.50 Loader No
4 PSP PDA An amazing app that allows you to turn your PSP into a PDA! Most notably, it has a flawless text editor and allow you to play music while you write! Shell, Music, Media Player, Office App, Book Reader No
4 SnakeSP Snake game in the style of fl0w. Adventure Game Yes
4 Spider Solitaire Spider Solitaire running on PSPPython Card game Yes
4 Tipster Unzip Extracts files from zip archives Utility No
3 CaSTaway/PSP (Atari ST) Atari ST emulator Emulator No
3 Duke Nukem 3D Port Clasic 3D 1st Person Shooter 3D, Adventure Game No
3 FileAssistant++ File browser Shell, Utility Yes
3 NO-KXploit Patcher patch Utility No
3 Portal: ALIVE! another psp portal Utility No
3 PSP UAE Amiga computer emulator. Emulator No
3 pspftpd FTP server Wifi, Utility No
3 pspxti TI-92 calculator emulator Emulator No
3 Triple Triad Based on the card deck of Final fantasy 8 Board Game No
2 3.03 HEN Duff Hombrew Enabler for 3.03 Hacking, Utility, Loader No
2 3.10 Decrypter Team C+D were able to come up with a 3.10 decrypter, on day 0, no less. Hacking, Utility No
2 Bookr plugin for iR Shell shell program that allows you to view PDF and TXT files using a modified version of the popular homebrew PDF reader Bookr Shell, Utility, Book Reader No
2 Boxy II lumines-like Puzzle No
2 Breakthrough: An Inventors Tale entry to the PxP-sponsored Homebrew Competition update Winner to the pxp homebrew competition. Adventure Game, Action Game No
2 Callisto Very stylish shoot-em-up. Shoot-em-up No
2 Dark_AleX 3.71 M33 - 1.50 Kernel Addon This adds support for 1.50 applications (most of the stuff in this database) to be run again on this new firmware. This is for PSP Phat only. Plugin-Custom Firmware No
2 Droplets for PSP The objective of the game is to clear the blobs (those water droplets) off the board. To do this, you'd need to selectively fill certain blobs until they burst, causing their droplets to go floating towards neighboring blobs causing them to burst as well. You start off the game with only 10 drops and are rewarded with an extra drop when you beat a level. Every three blobs involved in a combo also gives you an extra blob. Make sure to use your drops wisely, because using them all up means 'Game Over'. Puzzle No
2 Nethack The classic dungeon-crawler game, ported to PSP. RPG No
2 Pens Enhanced Picture Viewer PeP-Viewer is an Imageviewer for the Sony PSP. It is optimized to work with mangas and comics. Site: Utility, Book Reader, Browser No
2 PMP MOD PMP viewing app Media Player No
2 pspmsx MSX series emulator Emulator Yes
2 Sleep'n'Wake PSP an alarm clock for the psp Utility No
2 SmashGPSP No
2 SMS Plus 1.2 with AdHoc support SEGA Master System/Game Gear emulator with AdHoc support Emulator No
2 ucLinux for the PSP uClinux 2.4.19 kernel has been ported to the PSP. It currently boots into a minimal userland with interactive shell, accessible via the headphone serial port. Shell, Hacking, Utility, Office App, Educational No
2 UMD DAX Dumper Dump UMD in DAX, ISO o Gzip format. Utility No
2 VideoPSpy hides movies and pictures Hacking, Utility No
1 2.71 SEB irsmp module This is a modified version of the opensource mp3 prx for irshell. It will play mp3 files from ms0:/PSP/MUSIC (if you don't change the config). Music, Media Player No
1 4.01 m33 version 4.01 of m33 Hacking, Utility, Plugin-Custom Firmware No
1 5.50 prometheus This cool app lets you play 6.20 ofw games on 5.50 cfw. Loader No
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