Airstrike version 1.1

Notes: Changes: Fuel-ing You and your opponent now have an amount of fuel, which will decrease while accelerating. In the middle of the screen is a rotating Fuel-Barrel which will increase your fuel amount again. If you fuel-up, the Fuel Barrel is locked for you for 10 seconds. You can see your and the opponents fuel amount. There is now a new Button/Key, called Harakiri. If you ran out of fuel, you can kill yourself with this. Of course, when you kill yourself, enemy scores one. So, try to keep an eye on you fuel. AI(Red Baron by default) will kill itself if it has no fuel anymore. I think this is a nice feature and make the game more challenging. I will made it configurable in the next release. I have now one codebase for all the supported and tested platforms, which are: GP2X Linux x86 Win32(tested with Wine, sorry!) x86 PSP It is configurable if you want a small Version (320x240) or a big version (800x600), via "airstrikerc" -> version. GP2X and PSP use "small" by default. Music: Place an mp3 in data/music named song.mp3 . It will be looped till the game runs. This is disabled for PSP. For some reason it stutters on PSP. Bad implemented smpeg I guess. I played around with some Trackers/Drum Machines to create a song, but this could take a while. _ GP2X Controls: Start - Toggle Menu Menu: Use B to choose Steering: LEFT/RIGHT - UP/DOWN X - Accelerate L - Fire R - Drop bomb CLICK/HAT - Harakiri PSP Controls: Start - Toggle Menu Menu: USE Cross to choose LEFT/RIGHT - UP/DOWN Cross - Accelerate Left-trigger - Fire Square - Drop bomb Triangle - Harakiri PC (Linux and Win32) Controls: ESCAPE - Toggle Menu Menu: USE Enter to choose LEFT/RIGHT - UP/DOWN , - Accelerate RShift - Fire SPACE - Drop bomb RCTRL - Harakiri You can edit + save the controls via menu. Please report bugs and wishes. regards, paines (
Genre: Game
Version Number: 1.1
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008-05-11
Number of Downloads: 2164
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