Frequently Asked Questions

The world of PSP homebrew is pretty complex, and full of jargon. These FAQ pages are our attempt to demystify things, and to get you quickly on the road to enjoying your PSP at its fullest.

The FAQs are divided into the following sections:

More entries are planned in the near future. If you have any suggestions or requests for FAQ topics or questions, please let us know.

Guide to Devhook

The Introduction to Devhook

Devhook is a application for the PSP that allows the user to emulate firmware up to 3.11 This application will allow users to have the newest features of the homebrew locked firmwares and the ability to run new games, without having to flash a different firmware to the PSP.

Although it can be more hassle to set up than custom firmware, the risks of bricking are lower, it's very easy to undo, and you can have multiple firmware versions installed at once, allowing you to choose the one you want for any given task.

Needed Files

Creating the 3.11 DATA.PSAR

  1. Run and install pbp-unpacker-094-setup and place the 3.11 Update EBOOT.PBP on your desktop.
  2. After doing so run PBP unpacker and click the OPEN button and select the EBOOT.PBP then right click the DATA.PSAR and click Extract.

  3. Keep the DATA.PSAR on your desktop, you'll need it in a moment

File installing

  1. Open and copy the folders PSP, fdm and dh to the root of the memory stick.
  2. Then copy the DATA.PSAR made earlier to the root of the memory stick.


  1. Go to the Game menu on your PSP and run PSAR dumper. When prompted to, press X. The PSP will restart after finishing.
  2. Enable USB and right click the folder F0, select Cut.
  3. Double click the dh folder and then enter the 311 folder. Right click in the white area and click Paste.
  4. Disable USB and scroll to the GAME tab, and launch devhook
  5. Scroll to Flash Install, and press 'O'.
  6. Now select "Install configfile to flash1:". A screen will come up if you accept the terms, hold O down for little over a second.
  7. Once finished you will see "press any key to continue". Click anything.
  8. Scroll to firmware and select 3.11.
  9. After doing so select "Start".

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