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Average Rating Number of Votes Name Description Category Installotron Support?
1 A Boy And His Dog A simple platform game Platformer No
1 BabyLogic A game I made to keep my kids busy. Personalized for them, but yours may enjoy it too. If they like it they may like the DVD at Educational No
1 Basalisk II mac os7 emulator Emulator No
1 Baseball Trivia Baseball Trivia with about 30 questions you can answer. No
1 Bomberman Arena PSP clone of the popular strategic, maze-based video game. Platformer No
1 Brushes Brushes, in short words, is a drawing application for the PSP which allows you draw with your own made brushes (images), or the included ones. It got several different drawmodes that helps you create good looking art.

Demonstration Video at:
Graphics No
1 Comando Suicida shoot em up war game! Shoot-em-up No
1 Commander Keen Old-skool platformer Platformer No
1 Contacts A handy homebrew application for holding your personal contacts with such fields as last name, surname, home/work/cell phone, address and email. No
1 Custom Firmware Extender "extends" custom firmware by adding custom options such as clock speed and USB mass storage options, as well as other options detailed in the Readme. Wifi, Hacking, Utility No
1 Dual Tetris Yes
1 Formido Formido is a rather addictive electronic game in which the player goes out, "loaded fer bar," and shoots up a bunch of big, ugly extraterrestrial insects. The objective is simple - is to kill as many of them as possible. Eventually they will defeat you through sheer force of numbers, so its a lost cause - so the best one can do is struggle as long as possible Shoot-em-up No
1 GALPSP GALPSP is a library written in LUA to ease the creation of GraphicNovels, Demo No
1 gotube want to watch youtube videos and many other video sites on your psp. gotube lets you do that. Browser No
1 Organiser LUA homebrew organizer to sort your homebrew icons from your PSP (no PC app needed) Utility No
1 PSP Soldier Online 2D shooter Wifi, Shoot-em-up, Action Game No
1 PSP Triplay No
1 Serve 'N Go v2 A McDonalds Resturant game where you serve the costomer what they order You can also make your own MODS, with and load it with the included MOD loader No
1 Snake No
1 Solitaire No
1 TIFF ReactionGame Reaction timer game Action Game No
1 TNT Dude inspired by the game Bomberman. Action Game No
1 Triplay Card game were you have to remove all cards from the board. To remove cards, match 2 of them together that either have the same value or have value that follow each other Card game No
1 Vertex 3D Car rather fun driving demonstration on the PSP, which is actually the beta release of his car's 3D engine. Demo, Racing, 3D No
4 TIFF Pong Pong for 2.7-2.80 TIFF users. Action Game No
3 1MHz Reader Low-power e-Book reader Book Reader No
3 e[mulator] the Emulator supports Gameboy, PCEngine, Wonderswan, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and Nes. Emulator No
3 FP PSP A Flash Portal for psp does not work that well Wifi No
3 PSP Media Center 2.00+ Web browser shell, looks and feels like XP MCE Shell, Media Player, Browser No
6 Quake 2 Quake 2 on PSP, although it is only really a beta at the moment as only some maps work. 3D, Shoot-em-up, First-person Shooter No
4 rRootage Stylish shoot-em-up Shoot-em-up Yes
2 69 Stopper Stop a counter as close to 69 as possible Action Game No
2 AgenaWorld Asteroids-style space mission game. Like Homeworld game. Shoot-em-up, Action Game No
2 AVI Play Media Player No
2 Button Masher Endurance Simple Button-Mashing Game Beat-em-up No
2 Casino Addict A collection of simulated casino games (e.g. blackjack, roulette) Emulator, Card game No
2 Chao Maze pac man type game Platformer No
2 Flower demo by Moppi Very pretty 'spreading vines' demo effect Demo No
2 Keep Katie Quiet Catch the pills as they fall to keep Katie Holmes from making noise as she gives birth. Demo No
2 Luamines LUA clone of Lumines Puzzle No
2 PSPGBA 1.2 New faster GBA emulator Emulator No
2 Rise Of The Triad This is a PSP adoptation of Rise Of The Triad, 1st person shooter, originally developed by 3drealms/Apogee. 3D, Shoot-em-up, First-person Shooter No
2 Super Mini Mario No
2 Super WarioLand: Wario in Mario World (Supertux Mod) Well here it is, a SuperTux-Mod with Wario as the star. As you may know Wario is one of Mario's enemies, but this time things are different... Help Wario on this new quest!. NOTE: This is just a modification of the "SuperTux"-Game for the PSP. Adventure Game, Puzzle, Action Game No
2 VMU A Dreamcast emulator Emulator No
3 PSP Tetris for FW 2.7 A tetris game for 2.7s! Puzzle No
3 TIFF Snake Classic Snake for the TIFF exploit Action Game No
2 Analog Fun Fill the blocks using the analog stick before the time runs out Puzzle, Action Game No
2 DevHook Evolved DAX and ISO Game Loader without UMD Loader No
2 Flamez Simple flame-effect demo Graphics, Demo No
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